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*Note: you may enter any or all of the tag.
When searching Field Name, entering #ch will find #chamberexecs and #chancelors.
- Be specific the output is limited to 50 records found.
Groups with more that fifty "Taged Members" require special permission.

Tags are used to group cards together for a project or list. For example #madchamber lists all the chamber
exec's from the Madison area. If you are logged in you
can use the:
Tag button next to every card to tag members of your group. Then search for your tag to recall all your menbers. A great tool for cell phones because each card can
be auto dialed by pressing: Tag

To ADD Tags to Existing Cards you may:

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or you may:

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emails are protected from spammers.

REMEMBER: If you can not find the person you need
 - ask them to add their information.