`Symbol of ongoing harm`: UW committee votes in favor of removing Chamberlin Rock

Pending approval from Chancellor Rebecca Blank, the University of Wisconsin-Madison may remove Chamberlin Rock from its current location, a response to demands from students who have highlighted the rock’s racist history.

The rock, which may be over 2 billion years old, is located within an archeological site on Observatory Hill near two Native effigy mounds. It was named in 1926 after geologist and UW President Thomas Chamberlin, honored with a plaque on the rock, but for years carried a racist nickname including the N-word....


Ken Notes: I would leave the rock with another plaque containing an apology for the insensitivity of our past and a commitment to do better moving forward. Add the names graduates of Color or Native American who have made a difference in our society and rename it Foundation Rock. I`ll pay for the plaque as penance for using Eeny, meeny, miny, moe in my youth. We are ALL guilty of something it is now time to move forward, maybe another good name for the rock.

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