Budget recommendations to improve Wisconsin`s workforce submitted to governor

MADISON — The Governors Council on Workforce Investment has submitted their budget recommendations to continue improving Wisconsin`s employment force and spur economic development...

...The list of budget recommendations as stated in the press release :

  1. Request an annual GPR allocation of $3.14M for the Department of Public Instruction to expand a proven youth talent development system statewide between employers, public agencies, and K12 staff, its students, and families.

  2. Support programs to assist students in paying for materials associated with the apprenticeship program.

  3. Support flexible job training options along with employment-related support to maximize efficient use of resources to meet customers` employment needs.

  4. Direct DWD to coordinate with the Wisconsin Broadband Office to focus resources on improving broadband expansion access in rural and underserved areas of Wisconsin to promote workforce development and effective labor market participation...

Ken Notes: Wow some of the members must read WisconsinDevelopment.com as I have been advocating for all of these for years...

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