All-Virtual Toward One Wisconsin Nov. 11-13: Statewide Inclusivity Conference to Confront Racial Disparities in Workplace, Communities – Provide Co
The events of this summer and through the fall have reinforced the need for a statewide conference to address issues of racism, inclusivity and diversity in communities and workplaces. Organizers for this year’s “Toward One Wisconsin” inclusivity conference are heading into the final month of preparations for what is now a total virtual program on November 11-13.

 “As a state and a nation, we have had to reckon with the repeated, horrific violence of racism, while a pandemic forced us to see racism as a public health crisis,” said Eric Giordano, executive director for the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, which is hosting the conference.

“By going virtual, we can ensure the safety of presenters and attendees and allow everyone to fully participate in the interest sessions, plenary talks and conference dialogues,” Giordano noted.

Toward One Wisconsin will offer 50 interest sessions and 90-plus presenters...

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