NNS Spotlight: He’s the ‘banker of the underrepresented’

Joaquin Altoro has spent most of his professional career serving Milwaukee communities.

But for the last year as executive director of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, also known as WHEDA, Altoro has been making his mark on the entire state.

By providing loans and grants to first-time homebuyers, farmers and entrepreneurs, WHEDA is responsible for much of the affordable housing created in Wisconsin.

“The most common question I ask myself is: How do I use my position to create a greater impact?” Altoro said...


Ken Notes: They (WHEDA) have great programs, I just wish we had more programs like Habitat and the Village in Milwaukee for vets. Part of the solution has to be smaller homes and apartments and communities that integrate this type of development into their neighborhoods. We could start by being the first state to guarantee housing to every veteran in the state.

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