Army taps University of Wisconsin to lead research into hybrid vehicles, aircraft
The U.S. Army has selected the University of Wisconsin for a multimillion-dollar grant to develop hybrid-electric engine technology for the service branch as part of the Pentagon`s efforts to cut down on carbon emissions.

The Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory last week awarded researchers at the university an $11.5 million grant for research set to begin this fall on technology that will investigate whether hybrid-electric engines could be integrated into existing Army systems.

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Ken Notes: This is great news for Wisconsin, I hope that some of the resulting research enters the private sector. I could see the government who can pay the startup premium for new tech leading the way for adoption into the private sector. On area not in the grant that should be is co-gen and storage of electricity. We need to rethink our distribution model as we learn how to use solar and wind more regionally...

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