Evers announces $109 million in grants for Wisconsin small businesses hurt by the pandemic, including hotels, music venues, movie theaters
As the Wisconsin economy continues to struggle six months into the coronavirus crisis, Gov. Tony Evers has announced $109 million in new and renewed grant funding for small businesses.

Among those that stand to benefit: music venues, hotels, restaurants, bars, nonprofit cultural venues, and privately owned movie theaters.

“It’s really focused on our mom-and-pops, our Main Street businesses. We want to get dollars into their hands," said Missy Hughes, CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. "These businesses are so stressed. It would really help with what they’re facing.”...

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Ken Notes: Again why not let businesses borrow interest free what they need and then evaluate exactly what can be forgiven after the economy stabilizes. We are currently throwing money into a system when we are not sure of exactly how best to help. We are not allowing the businesses input into the process.

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