Sykes Backs Biden, Blasts Fox News
News flash: Longtime Milwaukee conservative talk radio host Charlie Sykes is voting for Joe Biden this November, as he recently told Wisconsin Public Radio.

Sykes, of course, has become one of the country’s better known Never Trumpers. After stepping down from 23 years as a right-wing zealot on talk radio, he quickly built a national reputation by dramatically recanting some of his views and blasting Republican President Donald Trump. That and the publication of his book, How the Right Lost Its Mind, helped win Sykes a gig as a contributor on liberal MSNBC and a position as editor-at-large at The Bulwark, a conservative publication that opposes Trump,  while also doing occasional op eds for the New York Times.

“Whether you want to talk about fiscal prudence, free trade, American exceptionalism — one after another, those values were jettisoned, not to mention just the damage that’s been done to the American political culture by four years of Donald Trump,” Sykes told WPR reporter Elizabeth Dohms-Harter...

Ken Notes: I do not know if my readers still get to the bottom of WDN so I feel I am on safe ground here. On the record I am a fiscal conservative but have never been a fan of CS. He single handedlly killed High Speed Rail, Working for a stronger educational system, and much more. and now I am also sure that Hell Has Frozen Over...

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