Study: 43% of Wisconsin businesses say school districts` reopening plans could impact state`s workforce availability

OSHKOSH - School districts` back-to-school plans could impact the availability of Wisconsin`s workforce, according to 43% of business representatives in a statewide survey.

"When we asked about school opening policies, we weren`t surprised a significant number of business owners were expressing some level of concern," said Jeffrey Sachse, interim director of UW-Oshkosh`s Center for Customized Research and Services, which administered the survey. "That has to be tempered in one part just because of the relatively late nature of when districts actually announced their reopening strategies."...


Ken Notes: This could be huge and it is not even on the radar screen. Also not being considered is the mental health issues for both our youth and adults tied to staying at home. Covid has increased the wealth gap, housing gap, opportunity gap and so much more. Plus we may have prematurely poured money into the mix before we knew where the damage occurred.

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