New Restaurant Opens Up, Embracing COVID-19
ARBOR VITAE - Co-owners of North Fork Fin and Filet, Joe Reed and Christie Terkelson, are taking a leap of faith as they open their brand new restaurant in Arbor Vitae.
"It`s a scary adventure," Co-owner Christie Terkelson, said. "We`re hearing that 30 percent of restaurants across the country are closing and we are taking the risk and hoping that our community supports us."

They say that they opened the restaurant not for themselves, but the community around them.

"A breath of fresh hope [is] in the air, almost you know getting people out there and people are still coped up and really having a hard time not getting out and having a fun time," Co-owner Joe Reed, said.

Their goal is to honor the community and the history of the 50 year old building, which used to house the Plantation Supper Club.

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