An Open Letter Concerning the Cows: Part 2
“We say no to good ideas every day.” -Tim Cook

A few weeks ago, I penned an open letter to Burger King here on LinkedIn, in response to the burger chain’s recent #CowsMenu advertising campaign, which aimed to bring attention to their efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of the beef they serve. I actually commended Burger King because it’s not often an American fast food chain takes a stand when it comes to a major environmental issue.

I suspected that the Burger King team’s heart was in the right place, even though the campaign itself failed to tell the whole story of the many ways the agriculture industry takes initiative to make consistent improvements on the environmental footprint of its products -- flashy ad campaigns aside. As our friend the Farm Babe puts it, “farmers care greatly about the planet, sustainability is always in the forefront of our minds, and farmers work hard to do more with less, mitigate methane, and reduce our carbon footprint, all day, every day.”...

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Ken Notes: I know, more a Article, but our development community should know I am not alone in my quest for cleaner sustainable farms.

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