Challenging and fun: Prototype Pathway propels forward-thinking medical engineer
“That was really cool,” says Ben Cox, a postdoctoral fellow in the BerbeeWalsh Prototype Pathway at the Morgridge Institute for Research.

Cox is reflecting on a novel medical device, a phantom for testing medical imaging systems, designed and developed in 2016. The phantom, which is now a patented WARF technology, was part of a project he and several colleagues developed to reduce the radiation needed to calibrate machines, making the process cheaper and safer.

But Cox could be talking about any other project he’s helped develop in the Prototype Pathway, a specialized arm of the Morgridge Fab Lab that unites the expertise of senior staff engineers with the tenacity of engineering students.

Ken Notes: I believe many of the solutions to Covid 19 will come through Madison. WARF, RP I and II, The UW, and Morgridge not to mention the private companies are leading the charge...

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