Wisconsin renters face evictions as emergency aid falls short

Kelli Walton waited four weeks to hear whether she qualified for state emergency rental assistance. When the news came, it was too late.

By the time the Social Development Commission, which distributes the aid, told her she was on a waiting list with thousands of others, Walton’s landlord had already issued a five-day notice — kickstarting an eviction.

The mother of two from Milwaukee said before the pandemic, she was paying rent on time. But Walton was infected by the coronavirus in April as it swept through the nursing home where she worked. She spent nearly three weeks in a hospital struggling to breathe...


Ken Notes: One more time, I suggest we access the damage rather than focus on stimulus. I do not know the details here but if she was working, got Covid, and ran out of money, it makes far more sense to me to make her whole especially when we are more than willing to subsidize rent and income for those not working at all.

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