74-MW solar project in Wisconsin gets construction go-ahead

The conditional use permit for the 74-MW Western Mustang Solar project in Gilman, Wisconsin, has been approved. Ranger Power will develop the project.

“Securing the county conditional use permit represents an important milestone for the project and its continued development and eventual construction,“ said Sergio Trevino, Director of Permitting for Ranger Power. “Ranger is committed to developing the Western Mustang Solar project in cooperation with the Pierce County community and our neighbors in the Town of Gilman. We incorporated community feedback into our conditional use permit application, and it’s clear that the land management committee and county staff recognized that,” he said.

Western Mustang Solar has approximately 1,005 acres under lease in the Town of Gilman with an expected project footprint of 478.66 acres. Once constructed, the project is expected to generate $296,000 annually in additional shared revenue payments to be split between Pierce County ($172,300) and the Town of Gilman ($123,300) from the state Utility Aids program...


Ken Notes: This is good news and solar will create new jobs and economic development. I still question which model we will see as we move forward, a distributed model with more smaller installations or fewer mega installations requiring new transmission lines and infrastructure.

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