DWD Releases Virtual Workplace Bulletin Board

MADISON – The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) announced the release of its eWorkBoard, a new virtual workplace bulletin board. The DWD eWorkBoard includes posters on a variety of topics including minimum wage law, fair employment, and more.

For decades, DWD and other agencies informed workers of their rights by requiring employers to display physical posters in the workplace. To better meet the diverse and changing needs of Wisconsin`s workforce, DWD has developed a virtual bulletin board to display these posters. The eWorkBoard does not replace the traditional workplace bulletin board, but instead provides today`s more mobile workforce the opportunity to view these materials directly from their smartphone or home computer.

To browse DWD’s repository of workplace posters and other resources, visit the new DWD eWorkBoard at dwd.wisconsin.gov/eworkboard.


Ken Notes: A tech savy company could easily create eboards at work that would display these posters along with info about the company picnic and items for sale by employees. This data would display at work as well as on any devices the employees use i.e. phones, tablets, tvs... I would be happy to set one of these up for anyone interested.

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