Don’t leave communities with big box eyesores

Empty big box stores surrounded by acres of crumbling blacktop parking lots litter communities throughout Wisconsin. Collectively, these properties are classifi ed as brownfields.

The reasons for these empty buildings are varied. Some chains have closed down completely, others moved to bigger locations a few miles down the road, others fell victim to shifts in traffic patterns — turning once prime commercial real estate into a backwater.

Regardless of why these building sit vacant, they present a real challenge to communities by creating blight. The vacant buildings cast a pall of decay over otherwise thriving areas. This is further aggravated by the vacant stores typically being in high visibility areas. Often at the same time these stores sit vacant, new construction is taking place elsewhere in the community.


Ken Notes: While it is never on the radar screen the time to discuss this is when the development is being forst approved. You can add to the approval process how the building will be handled after it is no longer in use. I also always established a minimum assessed value for the life of the building. This allows you to continue to tax the property after it has been vacated.

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