Wisconsin Officials Overpaid $21.2M In Unemployment Benefits Due To April Technology Issue

Report Says An Unknown Number Of Participants Received Incorrect Benefits

A new report from the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau found the state overpaid an estimated $21.2 million in unemployment benefits in April.

This spring, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development reported that a technology error caused the agency to overpay some unemployment insurance benefits on April 29. DWD said many of the overpayments scheduled for direct deposit were recovered after the error was discovered.


Ken Notes: Glad to see that both the Audit Bureau and DWD were on top of this and got most of the money back. I am happy to see Caleb stepping up and thanking the Audit Bureau, in the past this would have resulted in the immediate dismissal of leadership who had nothing to do with the problem. I am sure there will be political fallout, but what we are seeing is a system that works...

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