Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers Announces Broadband Task Force

The Task Force on Broadband Access will advise state leadership on the actions and policies needed to promote high-speed Internet access. The group includes representatives from the private and public sectors.

A newly created task force aims to develop a plan to connect every home, business and institution in the state with affordable high speed Internet, Gov. Tony Evers announced Tuesday.

The Governor`s Task Force on Broadband Access will advise Evers and the state Legislature on future broadband actions and policy. It will include strategies for expanding high speed Internet across the state, initiatives for digital inclusion and strategies for affordable broadband for all communities in Wisconsin.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored that access to high-speed broadband is a necessity, not a luxury, and folks across our state have had to adapt—from kids and educators shifting to virtual classrooms, workers having to work from home, and even folks using telemedicine to visit with their doctor,” Evers said in a statement...

Ken Notes: Glad to see this, I have been beating this drum for two years now. The key will be to bargain with the providers by trading urban access for rural coverage. This can NOT be done by throwing money at the problem, we have actually done that for years with little results. The problem here is that there is a strong lobby to not allow rural development traded for urban access and unfortunately when we combine money with votes, it becomes difficult to address rural issues. This will take more than a committee, it will take real leadership.

Bottom line if we can not trade urban access for rural coverage and get the providers to work with us we can throw all the money we want at the problem and it will not go away. Here is something the committee should do today, map the 5G towers as they are installed you will get a very clear image of the problem.

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