Village of Waterford looking into funding for Main Street development
WATERFORD β€” The Village of Waterford is trying to find ways to fund a proposed mixed-use building along Main Street.

The Village is looking into getting a $250,000 Community Development Investment grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

This one-time grant would fund commercial development costs for the first floor.

The Community Development Investment grant program is meant to spark downtown community development in Wisconsin.

β€œIt’s a catalytic site for the grant,” Waterford Village Administrator Zeke Jackson told The Journal Times...

Ken Notes: There is no doubt that retail will have to change as we move forward, but that may be good news for downtown`s. Imagine destination downtown`s with dining, retail, and living accommodations. To compete with Amazon and the rest we need to provide an experience that goes with our shopping. We can re-imagine our downtown`s with facilities like spas, art, bakeries, fine dining, health care, coffee, and more. The key is the experience - What makes it worth the trip.

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