Report could help shape Beloit`s development future
BELOIT — A new report will be a “critical tool” for marketing the Beloit area, according to Greater Beloit Development Corporation (GBEDC) Executive Director Andrew Janke.

The 10-Mile City Report works on the idea that no market operates within a vacuum, isolated from its neighbors. It recognizes residents travel across borders and between communities and spend time and money throughout the area. The report covers an area extending 10 miles from Beloit’s city center to include three counties, 14 zip codes and 37 census tracts in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

“This is a condensed story of all that’s happening in the Beloit area,” Janke said. “We wanted to simplify as much of the demographic data we could and package that in a way that tells a story so that people who aren’t familiar with the area can get a sense of what’s actually happening here.”


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