Driving Change in States: Leading and Living Beyond the Coronavirus
If I was the Governor of any state right now, I would create a “Department of Innovation”, and build a team to lead and operate it that would solely focus on developing a new model for governing, leading, supporting and promoting key industries and services in my state. This would be a quasi public agency that would operate with certain levels of independence and protections from the legislative and executive branches of state government to avoid harmful meddling, corruption and silly partisanship, to the greatest extent possible.

This Department would promote and support creativity, innovation, venture investing (through an entity like Wisconsin’s Economic Development Corporation — WEDC — or another entity), constructive problem-solving, project and systems evaluation, and thoughtful decision-making across a number of key industries, systems and functions in my State. This Department would focus on two priorities: (1) our State’s immediate short-term needs to help us successfully navigate our current public health crisis, while working with Public Health and other agencies to ensure a better and faster reponse to other pandemics and challenges that might follow, and (2) devising more effective ways to identify, finance and support our State’s near-term and longterm social, economic, educational, environmental, political and public health needs, innovations and opportunities...


Ken Notes: Interesting read. I agree that major events in this county used to bring us together as a nation, now they simply drive the wedge deeper. Parties are content to wait for control rather legislate across the table. We are ignoring and abandoning our youth, and we seek profit over quality and country.

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