Wisconsin Telecommunications Cooperatives Step Up to Support E-Learning
Wisconsin students across the state adapted to the new normal with e-Learning studies since the Badger State entered the “Safer at Home” status in late March. If you live in a metro area, you probably didn’t struggle with lack of service or low bandwidth. But in the rural areas, it was a big challenge.

In rural areas, locally owned and operated telecommunications cooperatives are oftentimes residents’ only source of internet access outside of cell phones, whose coverage can be spotty at best. Many rural co-ops rose to the challenge during the coronavirus pandemic by beefing up their bandwidth for current customers at no charge or offering free upgrades. For new customers, some co-ops waived installation fees or allowing free access for a certain period...

Ken Notes: I wish our legislature were informed as to the potential of 5G in rural Wisconsin. If we to not get in the mix now we will see 5G only in areas where there is density (money).

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