When Brightmark makes a promise, we deliver
In July of 2019, we purchased an anaerobic digester northwest of Madison, WI with the promise that we would convert 90,000 gallons per day of dairy waste we got from local farms into biogas and other useful products.

This past week, we made good on that promise to produce renewable natural gas from this process when we delivered the first load of RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) to Dane County to be used as fuel that powers fleets of RNG vehicles across the United States.

Oh, and did we mention this is a first-of-its-kind project?

This is just another chapter in our mission to reduce greenhouse gas...

Ken Notes: I hope these project prove cost effective and then I would love to see us work with CAFOs to digest all of our waste from large facilities and then heat the effluent before disposal. Now we liquefy the wast and pump it miles from the source. It ends up in our wetlands, streams and lakes and we turn a blind eye to the problem.

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