Study ranks Wisconsin as worst state for economic racial equality
Wisconsin has the worst economic racial equality of any state in the U.S. according to a new study. conducted a study mapping eight metrics including median annual household income, labor force participation rate, the rate of home ownership, poverty rates, among others.

According to the study’s findings, Wisconsin has some of the highest disparities between Black and white people when it comes to median annual income, labor force participation rate, poverty rate and unemployment. Wisconsin ranked last out of all 50 states on all of the previous criteria except unemployment, which Wisconsin ranked 48th in.


Ken Notes: I believe we can and must fix this. One of the solutions would be to create, even mandate, socioeconomic diverse neighborhoods and communities. We need to create opportunity for ownership at every income level. We need to shift from a hand out to hand up mentality. We need smaller affordable housing in EVERY neighborhood.

We need education that offers school to work transitional opportunities so everyone leaving our public schools has a path to a better future. We do a great job of college prep but fail those entering the workforce directly. Apprenticeship programs need to be exponentially increased in the state. We need programs for students to explore various careers. We need more mentors and private sector programs to offer youth safe places to explore there future.

Finally we need to find acceptance of our fellow Wisconsinites. I offer one final observation, this weekend my wife and I went camping at Big foot State Beach state park in Lake Geneva. The park was almost full and included many people of color, every socioeconomic level (tents (me) to motor homes worth far more than my house), and children playing in the streets. We enjoyed the conversations with our neighbors, respected the work done by the wonderful staff, and enjoyed the facilities immensely. Most days we (and most other campers) left for hours leaving all our worldly positions for anyone to take, yet felt, safe, secure, and welcome. I do not fully understand why we can not get to this level of understanding in our cities and communities.

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