Verso in Wisconsin Rapids to close by the end of July
Wisconsin Rapids Mayor Shane Blaser says hundreds of Verso employees have learned the company’s plans to suspend work in Wisconsin Rapids.

According to a news release from the company, Verso will indefinitely idle paper mills in Duluth and Wisconsin Rapids while exploring viable and sustainable alternatives for both mills, including restarting if market conditions improve, marketing for sale or closing permanently.

The release states, the decision to reduce production capacity is driven by the accelerated decline in graphic paper demand resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The stay-at-home orders have significantly reduced the use of print advertising in various industries, including retail, sports, entertainment and tourism.

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Ken Notes: We continue to see paper manufactures leave the State and now Covid 19 is accelerating the exodus. I would love to see a resurgence in paper or other industries to take its place but that will take cooperation in Madison. With a population of around 18,000 in Wisconsin Rapids, 902 will have a serious impact.

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