Wisconsin let politics get in the way of public health

Gov. Tony Evers was far from alone.

His now voided stay-at-home extension to address this unprecedented pandemic was only supported by the health care community, doctors and nurses, police, firefighters, EMTs, nursing home staffs, caretakers at Veterans Administration facilities and last, but not least, 69% of Wisconsin citizens, according to this week`s Marquette University Law School poll.

But, his efforts to control the spread of the deadly virus, to ease into a reopening of the state`s economy to prevent, as Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned, "an outbreak you can`t control," wasn`t supported by those who currently hold the power — the GOP-controlled Legislature and its big-money enablers and, of course, their political buddies on the state Supreme Court...


Ken Notes: Both sides failed to take strong leadership roles. Oddly enough, WEDC`s Missy Hughes did. We need to stop pointing fingers, take WEDC`s advice and carefully return to whatever the new normal will be.

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