‘We’ve had millions of calls:’ Gov. Evers fields questions about unemployment delays, issues
MADISON -- More than 549,000 people have filed for unemployment in Wisconsin since March 15 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, FOX6 News viewers continue to call in with problems, long waits, no benefits, and busy tones.

Despite those holdups, the state has paid roughly $1.1 billion in benefits to people. The state weekly maximum benefit is $370. Right now, the federal government is tacking on an additional $600 a week. But others out of work are still not getting a dime...


Ken Notes: I have to give the DWD some credot they had and exponential increase in workload and only minor staffing changes. I think we are doing OK but need to asses who needs help most and soonest. If history in any indication many will profit from the suffering of others and we will do (or be able to do) much about this.

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