Wisconsin’s unemployment troubles started long before COVID-19

MADISON -- Still waiting on that unemployment check? Labor attorneys and state employees say Wisconsin`s spike in unemployment claims isn`t the only thing to blame.

"No one planned for Godzilla attacking the city," labor and employment attorney Victor Forberger said. "And this is kind of like Godzilla is attacking the city through this unemployment crisis. But there are things a state can do to make it easier to manage that process, and it seems to me Wisconsin through the last several years really made the process difficult and complicated."

The Department of Workforce Development, which oversees unemployment benefits, points to outdated software and an unprecedented, overwhelming number of calls from people trying to file claims; Forberger points to years of policies that made navigating the unemployment system increasingly difficult...


Ken Notes: This is interesting, as a consultant and advisor for 20 years, I can attest to some very antiquated computer systems in the state government. The problem is also that there is no oversight or leadership on technology so every department is on their own. To quote the Governor, "It is the wild west out there". And for the record that was taken out of context, because I am sure that no Governor has a clue what is going on.

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