OPINION: Consumers will decide when to reopen, not regulators

Let`s face it, says business blogger John Torinus, it will be the consumers who will decide when the economy will be reopened, not governmental regulators. President Trump won`t be able to tell airlines to start flying again if people don`t want to fly. Entertainment venues won`t get back to normal if people don`t want to attend, he adds. 

The coronavirus pandemic has been a double-edged sword for the medical community, editorializes the Racine Journal Times. While the outbreak of COVID-19 has taxed emergency rooms and intensive care wards to the max, other normal hospital activities have plummeted resulting in layoffs and furloughs for many in the medical field, the paper points out. We need to solve this dilemma before it causes great harm to our medical care, it adds...


Ken Notes: If not when, how will be determined by the consumer and their risk aversion. I fear that many will permanently change their buying habits and this will require businesses to change. We can look to department stores and malls for an example of just how devastating this can be.

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