`To Ensure The Survival` Of Universities, UW System President Calls For Further Restructuring

Plan Includes Streamlining Duplicate Degree Programs, Centralizing Administrative Functions

University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross is telling campuses across the state to revise their mission statements and create unique identities to help preserve the system`s future amid financial strain caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a plan announced Thursday, Cross calls for streamlining duplicate degree programs before fall 2021 due to the financial pressure from the pandemic, projected declines in enrollment and nearly a decade-long freeze on in-state, undergraduate tuition at four-year universities.

During a special meeting Thursday of the UW Board of Regents, Cross will outline the proposed strategic plan for the UW System that calls for:

  • Addressing degree program duplications at all state-run campuses.
  • Centralizing most human resources, information technology and business functions.
  • Creating a system-wide online education model.


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