Milwaukee startup Agricycle launches food products made with solar dehydration device
Milwaukee startup Agricycle Global recently launched Jali Fruit Co., a brand of sun-dried fruits grown by women farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. The company makes the products using its solar dehydrators.

Agricycle co-founder Claire Friona created the dehydrator as part of a class at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. The solar-powered dehydrators are manufactured in Elkhorn in Walworth County and shipped overseas.

Agricycle’s solar dehydrators dry natural fruit from more than 35,000 rural farmers across the world to create shelf-stable snacks.

Ken Notes:This is brilliant and should rapidly be scaled up to a national scale and here is why. In the world approximately 850 million people ar starving. In the US we throw away billions of pounds of produce, meat and dairy, because or short shelf life and our unwillingness to eat anything with even the slightest blemish. If we could create a shelf stable product from our leftovers we could feed much of the world...

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