Wis­con­sinites Starting Little Free Pantries to Feed Neighbors During Coro­n­avirus Crisis

MADISON, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) - Wisconsinites are finding ways to feed their neighbors during the coronavirus crisis.

More families are facing food insecurity during the pandemic. Food banks are getting donations, but many have limited days and hours to prevent spread of the virus.

Kurt Stapleton is a Safe Communities coach. A few weeks ago, he was helping a man get back on his feet after years of homelessness. “He just got his first apartment. And he didn’t have any food or anything like that,” Stapleton said.

“He asked if I could try to get some food for him, some personal care items, and I said yeah no problem,” said Stapleton. He turned to the app Nextdoor. “I just asked the neighbors in the neighborhood if they could help with some items for this gentleman.”...


Ken Notes: I love this idea. I was always a fan of the "a thousand points of light" concept popularized by U.S. President George H. W. Bush. Take politics out of this and consider the millions of individuals, businesses and non profits each doing a little bit to make a difference. What if all 328 million of us each did just a little bit to help....

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