Wisconsin DWD has distributed more than $290 million in unemployment benefits

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development announced Wednesday it has received nearly 480,00 applications and distributed more than $290 million in state unemployment benefits since March 15.

According to a news release, claimants have filed a record number of weekly unemployment claims, totaling almost 1.2 million since the coronavirus public health emergency was declared.

The release said nearly 750,000 of those weekly claims have been paid...


DWD to begin issuing additional $600 a week in unemployment benefits Wednesday


Ken Notes: The impact on DWD has been huge, we need to work together as a state, businesses, and individuals to weather this storm. I actually like the storm analogy better than the recession comparison so prevalent in the news. This was not economy driven unemployment this was C19 driven unemployment.

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