Live: What To Know March 19 About COVID-19 In Wisconsin

Number Of Total Cases Of COVID-19 In State Is Rising...

Wednesday afternoon, the state Department of Health Services said every community in the state should expect that the novel coronavirus is there. In their daily press conference, DHS confirmed 106 positive cases, along with 1,577 negative tests. The 106 figure did not include at least two new cases that were announced just before DHS updated its figures, bringing the total to at least 108.

In the last 72 hours the Evers administration has taken several steps to attempt to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, including closing public and private schools indefinitely, limiting groups to less than 10 people, closing all bars and restaurants and limiting child care centers to fewer than 50 children and 10 child care providers.

As the response to the virus evolves, Wisconsin Public Radio will be keeping track of up-to-date happenings here, and in our broadcast and online coverage. If you have questions or concerns about COVID-19 — either about the virus, prevention or preparation — ask us and we`ll do our best to answer. ..

Ken Notes: I have found Wisconsin Public Radio to be one of the best statewide resources on the issue. The link goes to their homepage rather than a specific story because there is new news almost hourly...

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