Market conditions threaten long-awaited biotech development that could create 40 jobs in Caledonia

CALEDONIA — A potential $47 million investment in a Caledonia tax increment financing district hangs in the balance. And all village leaders, along with officials at the Racine County Economic Development Corporation, can do is wait.

An Italian biotechnology company, Centro Sperimentale del Latte (CSL) announced in August 2018 that it wanted to establish its first U.S. location in Caledonia, due to its proximity to major Midwestern customers.

The plan included a 66,500-square-foot fermentation facility in the Caledonia Business Park on Nicholson Road, where probiotics such as lactic acid bacteria and molds to be used in food production and dietary supplements could be propagated. About 40 jobs, paying more than $25 per hour on average, were to be created within five years...


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