Well-funded tech company moving HQ to Scottsdale from Wisconsin

One of the largest venture capital-backed tech companies in Wisconsin is moving its headquarters to Scottsdale.

Fasetto Inc., the Superior, Wisconson-based company that developed Forum, a software that allows people to share and join business presentations from anywhere if they have a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device, is moving to tap into Arizona`s software developer pool.

Founded in 2013, Fasetto also developed Gravity, a software for internet-connected products.

“The Phoenix area, due to the rise of the tech sector here, means that there are deeper software developer resources available,” said Coy Christmas, Fasetto CEO, in a statement. “Plus, we have top universities that have amped up their curriculum to meet the needs of the local economy.”


Ken Notes: Too bad, but Superior has to be a tough draw for tech sector staff. I hope we can tie any WEDC or Wisconsin Venture capital to remaining in the State. With the new emphasis on income tax incentives this seems to be the case. Also not I did not find Wisconsin sources for this story so if this is news to you credit Wisconsin Development...

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