Foxconn progress is slow, but it is wrong to expect 13,000 jobs already
  • Foxconn’s deal with the state says they will “to the best of their ability” hire 13,000 people by 2022. And President Trump said at the groundbreaking the company would hire that many.

  • The agreement with the state calls for 2,080 jobs by the end of 2019 to get all available tax credits.

  • Foxconn construction and hiring have so far lagged well behind projections, but Moore is wrong to imply the 13,000 jobs are somehow already overdue.

Foxconn Technology Group was awarded a record-shattering volume of tax credits amid pledges to build a $10 billion high-tech complex in Mount Pleasant that could eventually employ up to 13,000 people.

The project, announced in 2017, has been slow to develop, to say the least. Among other signs:

  • The latest jobs report from 2018 showed just over 100 jobs eligible for tax credits (2019 figures aren’t out yet). 

  • A timeline attached to the state credit application called for $2.1 billion in construction spending at the end of 2019. Foxconn has so far awarded about $370 million in contracts.

  • The company has abandoned plans to build the latest "Generation 10.5" screens as originally promised in favor of a "Generation 6" plant.


Ken Notes: A fairly unbiased update and account from politiFact with great source links at the bottom.

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