Caleb Frostman: Building a well-rounded workforce
Earlier this month, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a study tour throughout Germany to learn more about the country`s apprenticeship program. Germany has been a world leader in vocational training for hundreds of years, and Wisconsin`s own apprenticeship program is largely based on Germany`s dual model ("dual" pairing paid on-the-job training with classroom instruction).

The timing of the trip could not have been more perfect with February being proclaimed as "Careers and Technical Education" month by Gov. Tony Evers. Technical education, including through apprenticeship programming, is crucial to building a well-rounded workforce and for filling the talent pipeline for all industries....

...Finally, the German apprenticeship model is not just a workforce development tool in their country, but also a method of building a better society. There is attention paid to soft skill development, interpersonal skills and communication skills, among other aptitudes beyond the trade itself to build a broadly educated, high-functioning society...


Ken Notes: Great Read! I can not wait for the white paper on the subject. I will pitch this one more time, I would love to revive a weekly aggregation of all articles in the state dealing with apprenticeship and job training and links to all the providers, opportunities, and businesses supporting apprenticeship and training in the state.

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