Dane County’s Field of Dreams

Meet Bill Schultz, the man looking to build a local Miracle League field

As best Bill Schultz can remember, it was a late summer evening in 2018 when he watched the television news feature story that changed his life.

Schultz was sitting with Kathy, his wife of more than four decades, and on the screen a Major League Baseball pitcher named David Price was talking about the special baseball field for kids with physical and cognitive disabilities he’d built in his hometown in Tennessee.

The kids were paired with volunteers who pushed wheelchairs and otherwise assisted the young ballplayers, who couldn’t stop grinning. The story would have touched the hearts of anyone, but it truly resonated with Schultz...

...On Saturday, March 7, the Miracle League of Dane County is holding a day-long fundraiser at Oakstone Recreational, a restaurant and indoor volleyball facility in Cottage Grove...

Ken Notes: Doug Moe has written a great story... about a great man... doing great things... in Dane county... and my guess is that we (the development community) can help!

  1. Read The Story at the Link.
  2. Visit the Website.
  3. Contact Bill Schultz and ask how you can help.
  4. Offer your support, equipment, design, or construction abilities.


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