$48 Million Lakefront Hotel Project Gets Major Move

The $48 million project has been moved from one side of the Festival Grounds to the other. Here`s why:

RACINE, WI — After looking at the legal challenges of building a hotel and convention center on land originally re-claimed from Lake Michigan, city officials and a developer unveiled revised plans for the proposed $48 million project.

Racine Mayor Cory Mason was joined by Gatehouse Capital developer David Rachie, State Representatives Bob Wittke and Tip McGuire, and members of the Racine Common Council to unveil a complete redesign and location change for a hotel and expanded convention center at the City`s Festival Hall.

Together, the city and Gateway Capital figured out that it was better to opt for an alternative development plan which takes all private development entirely out of the historically-identified lakebed area and moves it the development to the corner of Lake Ave and KipiKawi Causeway...

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