WEDC Head Says State, Foxconn Working On Innovative Ways To Find Workers

The head of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC) says there has been "tremendous" amounts of communication with Foxconn, however she doesn`t have a sense of whether the company met its job goals in 2019 to receive state tax incentives.

WEDC CEO Missy Hughes told WPR`s "The Morning Show" that she will wait until Foxconn submits its job report to her office April 1 before commenting further on the company‚Äôs job creation.  

Foxconn had to create a minimum of 520 jobs in 2019 to be eligible for state tax credits, according to the current contract with the state. Whether that number will change is unclear.

In December, Gov. Tony Evers said he thought the state and Foxconn would renegotiate its contract because the company is no longer building the product it promised when they agreed to the deal in 2017...


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