Vos Convening Special Session On State Dairy Crisis

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Monday afternoon that he will convene a special session Tuesday to introduce bills regarding the state`s dairy crisis. The special session bills will be introduced and referred to committee. Public hearings will then be held, Vos said. 

"Farmers are already telling us the governor’s package does more to grow the size of government than actually help our rural areas," Vos said in a written statement. "We’re open to amending the bills or introducing our own proposals in order to do what’s best for rural Wisconsin." 

During the State of the State address last week, Gov. Tony Evers called on lawmakers to hold a special session. Wisconsin lost 10 percent of its dairy farms in 2019, breaking the previous year`s record high.

Vos said Monday during an interview with WPR’s "The Morning Show," that he agrees the state is undergoing an agriculture crisis, but Evers has gone about it the wrong way...


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