Wisconsin law says kids must be taught Native American issues, but teachers say they don`t know how

Heather Ann Moody once spent two hours poring over the pages of her daughter`s eighth-grade history book, looking for the word sovereignty.

Sovereignty, the constitutional right of Native American tribes in the U.S. to make and be governed by their own laws, is at the crux of their identity. It`s what makes tribes their own political nations, not just members of a cultural group. It`s the defining feature of indigenous issues past and present.

So when her daughter told her that the book didn`t even mention the word, Moody, a professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and an enrolled member of Wisconsin`s Ho-Chunk Nation, didn`t believe her...


Ken Notes: As a substitute teacher I often see technology abused in the classroom, here would be a place to use it effectively. I see a great opportunity for a series of videos on this subject that could stimulate classroom discussion on the topic.

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