OPINION: Wisconsin Conservationists, Counties Fight Wind Energy Transmission Line

Conservation groups and counties in Wisconsin have filed separate lawsuits to block construction within the state of a proposed multistate transmission line intended to deliver electric power from out-of-state wind farms to utilities in 12 states.

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission (WPSC) unanimously approved construction of the Wisconsin portion of a new electric power transmission line known as Cardinal-Hickory Creek on August 19, 2019. As conceived by the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), which manages the open-access high-voltage transmission system from Manitoba Canada through the midwestern United States to the Gulf Coast, Wisconsin’s share of the costs of the 12-state, $492 million development is projected to be $67 million...


Ken Notes: This is marketing at it`s best or worst. It is true that the west can produce more renewable power than they can use so they want to send it east where it is needed and states (Like Wisconsin) have quotas for renewables. The Highway east runs through Wisconsin and is currently small between Iowa and Madison. Thus an upgrade is needed and it cuts through the driftless. I personally would like to see it follow the actual highway between the two areas but it is cheaper to buy farm and woodlands in the driftless than to acquire the right of way near the existing road.

I wish we could get all the facts in front of us and get rid of the drama and make good decisions that are best for everyone....

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