Stakeholders see possibility in Wisconsin governor`s new focus on rural prosperity
The newly created Office of Rural Prosperity can boost economic opportunities outside of Wisconsin`s big cities — if it helps advance issues like housing, broadband and other challenges faced by workers and entrepreneurs in small communities.

That`s according to those who work in economic development for small cities, who this week offered reactions to the announcement of the new office by Gov. Tony Evers in his State of the State speech.

As part of a slate of policies aimed at helping Wisconsin farmers and rural communities, the governor said he`d work with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC) to establish the office, which he called a "one-stop shop for folks to navigate state programs and resources tailored to rural communities, businesses and workers."

Speaking on WPR`s "The Morning Show," WEDC CEO Missy Hughes said her agency`s role will be "to be the funnel for those communities, so that they can access all the different resources" that exist for rural communities.

Ken Notes: Also regarding the loss of dairy farms in the state please remember we are now milking MORE cows than ever before. You cannot talk about loosing dairy farms without talking about the factory farms that are replacing them...

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