Wisconsin governor in La Crosse promoting business development

An office of Rural Prosperity for Wisconsin could do a lot for small businesses and towns to become more successful. 

Governor Tony Evers has proposed such an office, and the idea is being endorsed by the secretary of the WisconsIn Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). 

Both the governor and WEDC secretary Melissa Hughes spoke on Monday at the 48th annual meeting of LADCO, the La Crosse Area Development Corporation.

Evers said the state is in ‘an excellent position’ to start the 2020’s in a ‘good place,’ if there’s cooperation, but he said the governor cannot “wave a magic wand” to make things happen....

...Hughes, a former executive with Organic Valley of La Farge, says like WEDC, a prosperity office could be a ‘one-stop shop’ to steer a project toward completion....


Ken Notes: Sure he can, he just needs a senate and assembly to make the trick work. An office of Rural Prosperity would work well with bipartisan support so the question is how do we get there and for the record many of the pieces are already in place. Most counties already have ED Directors and staff and are a "one stop shop". There are also regional ED offices that cover the entire state. The state could match the local and county contributions to these existing efforts add some state benefits and task them with your Rural Agenda.

PRESTO! An office of Rural Prosperity for Wisconsin...

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