The Trends in Homebuilding for 2020: Going All Out, and Getting Exactly What You Want
It’s not the most economical way of doing it, but people building a home in the Milwaukee area are increasingly paying the extra dollars it costs for the customization required to create a true dream home.

“We are getting move-up buyers who have the means to be a little more specific on what they want in the house, and where they want to be,” says Jim Doering, the outgoing president of the Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA), director of development and acquisitions for local land developer Zilber and general manager of the Wisconsin region at Homes by Towne.

These homebuyers want to make their homes special, says Shelly Basso, the MBA president for 2020 and president of Aspen Homes in Pewaukee. For example, she says, “White is still in style for kitchens, but they are choosing warm wood accents to soften it up and give their homes uniqueness, their own touch.”...

Ken Notes: See what I am talking about, this is not a bad trend but how do we get builders to build smaller affordable homes...

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