$25 million in federal funds awarded to Wisconsin organizations fighting homelessness

81 organizations in Madison received a portion of the alloted grant money

Approximately $25 million in federal funding will be allotted to Wisconsin institutions fighting homelessness, with a new announcement of $2.2 billion dollars worth of nationwide grants.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recently allocated about $2.2 billion in grants to go to thousands of organizations around the country in the battle to end homelessness, according to a recent press release. This grant is part of the Continuum of Care program by HUD...


Ken Notes: I am amazed that we spend billions every year on this and barely make a dent in the problem. We need to rethink what we build, where we build it, and who lives in it. Personally I am a fan of the Habitat model and they take no public funds. Imagine what the could do if we provided them (or another organization like them) some land and created codes that allowed them to build smaller more densely spaced units. Just think if we used the 25 million in Wisconsin to build 2,500 stick built small units or apartments, architecturally interesting, community orientated, racially and economically diverse, owned by the occupants...

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