Boulder Junction seeking grant for high speed internet access
BOULDER JUNCTION - The town of Boulder Junction could expand Internet access soon after a two-year broadband push.

A potential internet upgrade comes after the town sent out a survey in 2017 to receive opinions on economic challenges the town faced

Economic Development Chair Dennis Aukstik said after learning about this issue his board decided to take action.

"Our economic development committee moved forward on investigating and analyzing how to improve high-speed broadcast," said Aukstik

Ken Notes: I will say this one more time if anyone is listening! We have a one time opportunity to develop a statewide high speed grid by working with the cellular companies as they develop their 5G networks. Once they have built this out in the metros it will be TOO LATE to leverage our permitting and state support to get a larger inclusive network!!!!!! Please share this comment with anyone who will listen.

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