Legal troubles pile up for local food entrepreneur Jonny Hunter

Lawsuits and back taxes haunt Underground ventures

The September closing of Forequarter, Underground Food Collective’s flagship restaurant, appears to be the tip of the iceberg.

This week, Underground Butcher, the collective’s deli and butcher shop on Williamson Street, announced on Instagram that it would be closing permanently on Dec. 15.

Additionally, Jonny Hunter, co-founder and public face of Underground Food Collective, is mired in a number of legal battles with investors, state regulators and suppliers.

Hunter is currently a defendant in several lawsuits involving the Underground Food Collective — a vernacular, umbrella name that encompasses several LLCs, including Underground Catering LLC, Badger Meats LLC, Middlewest Restaurant LLC and Underground Kitchen and Delicatessen LLC...


Ken Notes: He had a very cool idea but seems to have oversold the ventures. This may be an opportunity for an established company to take over because there were some great ideas here. Foodfight???

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